Notary Services


In order to oblige to legal Canadian legislation, there are a host of differing policies and procedures that must be stringently adhered to in order to successfully navigate approval processes. With such a range of possible legal documents in existence, ensuring you hire experts who understand the specific details of each document is essential in order to ensure you don’t waste your time filing incomplete paperwork. In many cases, an expert notary service or established law firm must be utilized in order to correctly navigate notary predicaments. On top of this, in order to ensure all of your questions are properly answered during the filling in process is key as industry jargon can often be confusing and misguide individuals or businesses who don’t understand what each document is asking for.

Documents we can assist with

The KC Law Group can assist with a variety of general notarizations. We are also able to assist in the notarization of signatures on invitation letters, documents associated with passports, statutory declarations, affidavits, and other applications. Ultimately, it is the role of the notaries to comply with all legal requirements from the signatures on the documents.

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