Inbound marketing edmonton #1
Inbound marketing edmonton #1

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Our agency in Edmonton is here 24/7 to help you make google happy and increase your digital presence. 

Here at Elite Digital, we love marketing and take great pleasure in employing our expertise to assist clients to meet their digital marketing aims. If you are looking to push traffic to your website, marketing online will help you significantly. Likewise, if you value shopping customers for your e-commerce store, Elite Digital Marketing is here to help you bring more sales. Our team of dedicated workers can help you attract, engage & convert traffic, generating leads, sales, engagement, and ROAS (return on ad spend) or ROI (return on investment). Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SEO, Google, Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Custom digital Marketing client area & Whitelabel reporting tools and digital strategy calendars are amongst some of the tools in our arsenal for our clients to use in order to help you set, monitor and attain your digital marketing goals. 

Social media marketing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, paid and organic Marketing automation services – to optimise, maximise and organise your campaigns

Graphic Designs

Amplifying your contents with professionally designed graphics for customers.

Lead generation marketing

LinkedIn, Facebook and/or email-based lead generation

Website design and development

creating beautiful, bespoke, SEO optimised websites

Why Choose Elite Digital Marketing?

The most crucial thing to learn about digital marketing and inbound marketing is that as a marketing expert, you don’t have to choose among the 2. In fact, they work best together. Inbound marketing provides structure and purpose for effective digital marketing to digital marketing efforts, ensuring that each digital marketing channel works toward a goal. With an extensive list of clients in Edmonton and Canada, we can help you reach your marketing plans and achieve higher ROI. Get a free quote, contact our Elite Digital Marketing team for an in-depth marketing review today. 

Digital marketing examines how every single tool can turn cold traffic into warm leads. A company’s marketing strategy may use a multi-channel campaign model or alternatively target 1 social channel platform. Turn to Elite Digital Marketing for digital needs, we service the whole Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Digital marketing, also named online marketing, is the promotion of brands to reach possible customers utilizing the internet and other forms of digital communication. Many local Edmonton businesses are now starting to explore key ways to better attract clients on social media and other channels. This includes not only Facebook, Twitter email,  other social media, and web-based advertising, it also includes in additionals text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel. 

Digital marketing and inbound marketing are two of the easily most confused services agencies offer in Edmonton. While inbound marketing and digital marketing both contain the same philosophy, the way you implement the two are widely different, and for good reason. Digital marketing uses many of the same tools as inbound marketing—email and online content, to name a few. Both exist to capture the attention of web visitors through the buyer’s funnel and convert them into customers. But the 2 approaches take different views of the relationship between the tool and the goal.

Our Services

The benefits of digital marketing

Digital Marketing has become an important aspect of any small to large business in this day and age. It’s ability to reach an almost unlimitted amount of people at an unprecedanted time is mind boggling.

SEO Services

Get a steady flow of high quality organic visits, increase search rankings and get viewed with our proven tactics.

Paid Advertising

PPC Ad Campaigns on Google is one of the fastest ways to instantly get viewed by customers and to get more sales qualified leads.

Website Design

A strong website is essential for every business and we help businesses establish this foundation.

Social Media Marketing

Improve your branding and build a sense of commuity on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and instagram

Video Marketing

Grow your audience’s interest with brand videos, explainer videos, product demo videos or client testimonial videos.

App marketing

Increase app downloads, user retention and app engagement with proven growth marketing tactics

Edmonton’s most Elite Digital Marketing agency!

Our aim is to help local business owner’s and entrepreneurs in Edmonton succeed by going above and and beyond their marketing goals. How do you make your digital marketing operations work harder, give unbeatable ROI while lowering marketing costs by up to 60%? With our innovative, data-driven strategy for marketing.

2021 Digital Marketing Landscape
There are over 100,000 digital marketing technologies now available for use to digital marketers – up from 150 in 2011. Let us help guide you through the digital landscape. We’re here to help.

Our Services

The benefits of digital marketing

Digital Marketing has become an important aspect of any small to large business in this day and age. It’s ability to reach an almost unlimitted amount of people at an unprecedanted time is mind boggling.

When you add up all the cost efficient benefits, digital marketing gives you much more avenues to reach customers and make sales. As more companies in Edmonton turn into to digital agencies for their marketing needs, not every agency can provide guaranteed results. With many agencies not locally established in the area, you want to avoid such red flags. Are you ready to start your digital journey? Do you need help understanding key metrics? Contact Elite Digital Marketing for a free consultation!

Traditional marketing approaches like T.V, newspapers, radio or billboards always leaves you with one question: “How did you find us?”

We’re firm believers of data, our agency is driven by analytics. Many companies don’t to have surveys or feedbacks from their campaigns/products. Digital marketing allows you to track every possible interraction a customer or a client does with your brand. With third party platforms like google and wordpress, digital softwares are able to automatically track, analyse, and even give you optimization suggestions.

Digital marketing allows you to gather and inteprete data and key metrics more effectively. Assume you own a financial company and would like to make an offer to your many clients across social media and other channels. With digital marketing you get better results by targeting a specific interest, age group or financial levels. How do you gather all of that data without automated tracking? How many phone records would you have to go through? How many customer profiles? And how do you know who has or hasn’t read the brochure you sent out?

Digital marketing allows clients to take action at the point of contact. You can use contact forms, newsletter subscribers, submission forms or even your social media message inbox to allow customers to take action immediately after viewing your ad or content. With traditional advertisements, phone calls are the most immediate form of affirmation that your advertising is working shortly after someone views your ad. However, how often do customers have the time and urgency to contact you while driving down the highway or busy reading the newspaper.

With digital marketing, they can click a link or save a blog post and move along the sales funnel right away. Your website visitors or ad viewers may not make a purchase immediately; however, they’ll stay connected to your brand. You will have the opportunity to interact with them further. Even saving their cookies allowing you more access to your client’s digital activity for more accurate tracking conversions.


Digital Marketing is a method used to engage customers online. A typical digital marketing campaign usually consists of reaching cold traffic using third party advertising platforms like: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter or even your own website. Digital marketing is a great way to increase local branding and word of mouth.

As a full service digital marketing agency in Edmonton, Elite Digital Marketing provides any and every service you could need to succeed online including:

  • Lead generation marketing – LinkedIn, Facebook and/or email-based lead generation
  • Website design and development – creating beautiful, bespoke, SEO optimised websites
  • Graphic Designs – amplifying your contents with professionally designed graphics for customers.
  • PPC strategy and campaign management – Google Ads, Google Shopping, Amazon, Bing
  • SEO marketing – technical, content and digital PR + strategic planning and auditing
  • Social media marketing – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, paid and organic
  • Marketing automation services – to optimise, maximise and organise your campaigns
  • CRO conversion rate optimisation – enhancing your website to improve conversions
  • Content marketing and strategy – creating compelling content to drive conversions and engagement online

Not sure which services you need? No problem –  we offer a free initial consultation in which to discuss your digital marketing requirements. Call now for more information.

Elite Digital Marketing is an Edmonton-based digital marketing agency in the northside of the city. Within a few minutes five of Yellowhead Trail. & 118 Ave, we’re easy to access and happy to meet you in person (restrictions allowing!) or work remotely on your campaign.

  1. In Edmonton, Digital marketing reaches customers beyond advertisements. Seventy percent of internet users want to learn about products through content versus traditional advertisements (MDG, 2014).
  2. Digital marketing drives content marketing. The first 5 b2b Content marketing tactics for Edmonton companies are 1. Social Media Content (92%) 2. Newsletters (83%) 3. Articles on your website (81%) 4. blogs (80%) 5. In-person events (77%)
  3. Digital marketing is vital for SEO. The first organic search results on Goole account for 32.5% of traffic share for a search term. (chitika)

Many third party tools can help you track your business analytics the best ones being paid. However, many online providers offer free versions as well as free pro version trails. Monitoring your digital marketing campaigns can help you accurately determine the most effective key datas. They also help you recognize under performing marketing campaigns before you waste too much money, ensuring a possitve ROI and a low ppc. Most digital marketing firms in Edmonton will likely be using Google analytics and google search console to integrate tracking codes and conversion metrics for even more precise monitoring and user engagement metrics. Elite Digital Marketing provides you with your own customer dashboard to track all your website data and content. All in one super eay to use friendly client dashboard.

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. Our Edmonton team often operate as an extension of our clients’ internal marketing teams, supplementing skill sets, supporting on campaign strategy and taking on the time-intensive work that otherwise eats up too much of your time. We are flexible and happy to work on mutually beneficial terms that complement your approach – some clients prefer an ad set of hours to be used flexibly across areas, while others enjoy workshopping, brainstorming and idea sharing within a set monthly retainer. Whatever your requirements or preferred working style, we’ll be as hands on (or off) as you like.
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